8888677771 | Kaun Banega Crorepati 15: Specially-abled contestant Varsha is all praises of her husband, says ‘I keep asking him why he married me’ |

In the latest episode of Kaun Banega Crorepati 15 begins with Amitabh Bachchan playing ‘Fastest Finger First’. Contestant Varsha Tara Saraogi from Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh takes the hotseat. Big B introduces her saying, “She is from my wife’s hometown.”
The contestant shares her life story by celebrating the relationship because of, which she is standing. She says, “I couldn’t walk till 11 years of my life.I used to crawl. My mother thought how will I lead a life if I don’t study. She got my admission with great difficulty. And because of her I am standing today. I want to dedicate this hotseat to my mother.”
Her question for Rs 1000 is: A person in which of these profession is usually given a government-issued gun? A. Doctor, B. Stock trader, C. Lawyer, D. Policeman,
She correctly answers option D.

The contestant uses first lifeline ‘Double dip’ for Rs 10,000 question – Usually, in which of these sports do none of the players wear a helmet? A. Cricket, B. Motor racing, C. Hockey, D. Kabaddi.
She first goes for option C and then correctly answers option D.
She is a banker by profession and also an anchor by passion. She was 3-yrs-old when she got polio.

Big B says that in life she must have had happy tears many times and this day is also one such moment. He says because her strength and family has been a big support. She shared, “I am an anchor and people would appreciate me. But when it came to marriage, people would think twice. But my husband has been fit physically and we also have a son. He has been with me throughout and I often think why he chose.” She praises her husband, who has completed her in many ways by showing this strength to accept her the way she is.

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She shares that she always wanted to know why he chose her and never got an answer. She requested Big B to ask him the same question. Her husband says, “She has just given me love and I only back her that love.”
She uses audience poll for Rs 1,60,000 question – A maximum of how many candidates are usually selected as IAS officers in a batch every year? A. 180, B. 760, 3. 40, D. 500. With the help of audience poll she correctly answers Option A. 160.
She uses a lifeline for Rs 3,20,000 question. Which of these was constituted for the first time in 1992 with Smt Jayanti Patnaik as the Chairperson? A. Finance Commission, B. National Commision for Women, C. Election Commission, D. Competition Commisssion of Women. She uses video call a friend lifeline but gets no help.
She goes with her instincts and answers option B. Big B congratulates her and says she didn’t need to use any lifeline. She requests to sing a song and says it represents her life now.
She sing, ‘Aaj phir jeene ki tamanna hai’.
She answers all the 10 ‘Super Sandook’ questions and wins Rs 1,00,000. She revives audience poll lifeline.
She uses audience poll for Rs 6,40,000 question: As of August 2023, the Chief Minister of which of these states is not the son of a former Chief Minister? A. Odisha, B. Andhra Pradesh, C. Himachal Pradesh, D. Meghalaya. With their help, she correctly answers option C.
Her question for Rs 25 lakh: A. Douglas Jardine, B. Colin Cowdrey, C. Nasser Hussain, D. Ted Dexter.
She quits game at Rs 25 lakh question. She guesses option C but correct answer is option D. She takes home Rs 12,50,000.

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