8888677771 | Chenchus participate in ‘Ahobila Nrusimha Dasa’ programme at Ahobilam temple in Andhra Pradesh

In an event marking inclusivity, people belonging to the Chenchu tribe participated in the ‘Sri Ahobila Nrusimha Dasa’ programme organised at the Ahobilam temple in Nandayal district.

Sri Ranganatha Yatheendra Maha Desikan, the 46th pontiff (Peethadhipathi) of the Ahobila Mutt, relaunched the programme as a part of the ongoing ‘Paruveta Utsavam’. ‘Chenchu Lakshmi’, the Goddess being worshipped at the Sri Lakshmi Nrusimha Swamy temple at Ahobilam is considered to belong to the tribal community. Reckoning ‘Chenchu Lakshmi’ as their sister, the tribe considers the Lord as their brother-in-law.

Chenchu women dancing during the ‘Sri Ahobila Nrusimha Dasa’ programme at Ahobilam in Nandyal district.

Chenchu women dancing during the ‘Sri Ahobila Nrusimha Dasa’ programme at Ahobilam in Nandyal district.
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Special Arrangement

In a bid to keep the bonding alive, the mutt’s seventh pontiff had written a drama titled ‘Vasanthika Parinayam’ during his tenure many centuries ago, recalling the grandeur surrounding the Lord’s marriage with the tribal girl (‘Chenchu Lakshmi’).

“The inseparable bond between Ahobila Nrusimha and the tribal community is age-old. You have always played a key role in developing this Kshetra,” the 46th pontiff told the Chenchu elders. He recalled the ancient practice of accepting the forest honey collected by the Chenchus for use in the temple rituals (Perumal Kainkaryam).

Scholarship for students

The pontiff announced the decision to conduct spiritual programmes shortly at Ahobilam as well as the villages that are part of the Paruveta event to promote the Hindu Dharma. He assured to provide scholarships to the meritorious students belonging to the Chenchu community.

The seer blessed the Chenchu women with a sacred cloth (Sesha Vastram) and the tribals reciprocated the gesture by presenting him a bow and arrows as a mark of honour.

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